ABOUT Winbest Industries SND BHD

Winbest Industries SND BHD is your preferred supplier for engineered components and assemblies; castings, forgings, plain bearings and welded constructions. Transforming welded constructions into cost-efficient castings and forgings is one of our strengths. We specialise in making components with the best-cost quality in production locations around the world. Technical support, quality control, and supply chain management are standard services for all our products.

Using our wealth of specialist knowledge and the expertise we built up over many years, the Winbest Industries SND BHD team works closely with you. We are dedicated to understanding your needs to find the best and most efficient solution for your specific design. The result: the most efficient and affordable components for your production process. The Winbest Industries SND BHD Group has 15 companies around the world. Our sales team has a local focus so you can benefit from the best service!

Winbest Industries SND BHD in a glance

  • Founded in 1923
  • 300 employees worldwide across 15 locations, of which one third in Asia for process control, production control and quality assurance
  • Technical centres with state-of-the-art measuring instruments in the warehouse and production locations
  • Close to production machining and assembly workshops in amongst others China, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Poland
  • Strategically located warehouses in Europe and Asia